Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thoughts on Election Day

Now Hear This
The game’s been played, the scores are being tallied, and the season’s over. For the next 18 months we are all officially on the same team (not that that means we won't still disagree).

May I suggest that rather than spending today taking in the exit polls and endless speculation, we take the day off from politics.

Tomorrow morning we’ll all turn on the tv and find out who won, who lost, and who’s suing. Today, take a deep breath, vote, and marvel at the miracle of American democracy where the most powerful man in the world walks away from the job without the spilling of a drop of blood to be replaced by the one we have chosen.

Today is a good day to spend praying for our country and our leaders and contemplating the sovereignty of God. Actually, every day is a good day for that.


Nancy said...

You have won the First Ever Political Hero Award from Day by Day!
Follow the link:


I think you can download it and then upload it to use on your site wherever/if... you like. I tried it and it seems to work...*: )

Anyway Great Job Chris!
...You always take the "high road"!

(first link was too long to work}

ChrisB said...

Thanks, Nancy, I really appreciate that.