Monday, November 3, 2008

Can I Be Christian and Conservative?

Can Christians be conservatives? It sounds like a silly question to some, but to others it's very serious. Aren't we supposed to be concerned about the poor and the sick? Shouldn't we oppose war and the death penalty? Isn't that the way Christians are supposed to vote?

Or could it be that there are good, biblical, sound reasons that Christian conservatives take the stances they do?

That's the question I seek to answer in the following articles. Hopefully soon I'll be able to turn it all into one pdf, but for now, please share this with anyone you know who is dealing with these questions.

On Christians and Politics
Politics, Religion, and Brotherly Love
Voting for Candidates You Disagree With

The Bible and the Ballot Box
Helping the Poor Biblically
The Bible and Capital Punishment
Moral Bankruptcy of the Modified Pro-Choice Position
The Christian Voter and War
What's a Deal Breaker?

Why Do They Do That?
The Case for Limited Government
Why Keep Taxes Low? - Tax Policy
Conservatives and the Least of These - Poverty
Physician Heal Thyself - Health Care Reform
Loving Your Neighbor 7000 Miles Away - Global Poverty
Judicial Philosophy

Answering Objections
Do Nothing Republicans? - The Conservative Record on Abortion

The Problem of Parties

Hearts and Minds

Other articles related to political issues:
Immigration Reform and Christianity
Christianity and the Environment: 7 Principles
7 Principles and 1 Hot Topic
Another Problem with Naturalism
Faith and Politics: Economy vs Morality
Capital Punishment Reform


Nancy said...

Yea, Chris...My Political Hero...*: )

Nancy said...

*: ) I ditched my "Spelling Police" badge...but my "Editor Police"...say read your first sentence...

ChrisB said...

Thanks -- I usually proof read ad nauseum, but this one got sent out a little quick.

Anonymous said...

Of course a Christian can be conservative because liberal Christianity isn't Christianity at all. Liberal Christianity denies the core beliefs that are written in the Bible, this is a fact.