Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fixing a Pro-Life Comeback

The American political left (and the media, to the extent there's a difference) lose their minds at the slightest hint of any abortion restrictions, and conservatively governed states have been making them crazy lately. The most recent offense comes from my own state of Texas where someone said, "If you can't figure out you want an abortion within five months, you're just going to have to give birth" or something to that effect. (Yeah, there was other stuff in the bill, but that's not what this is about.)

Whenever the topic comes up, someone helpfully suggests that you shouldn't say anything about abortion unless you're a woman. Yes, we all know it's stupid, but what to do about it?

A common rejoinder is "that's like saying 'you can't oppose slavery unless you're black.'"

But that's not anywhere near correct. That's equivalent to saying "you can't say anything about abortion unless you're a fetus." While that might make for a good policy, it's not going to allow for much conversation.

When pro-aborts say "you can't say anything about abortion unless you're a woman," the true abolition-equivalent is:

You can't say anything about slavery unless you're white.
Perhaps that'll make them pause long enough for a conversation to occur.