Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Thank you, Lord,

For the food and the roof I am able to provide my family,
For the health we enjoy today,
For the promise of your care tomorrow,

For the grace you showed us at Calvary,
For the mercy you show us every day,
For the hope we have for the future,

For the word by which we may know you,
For the Son by whom we may love you,
For the Spirit by whom we may be like you,

For the forgiveness of sins,
For the adoption as sons,
For the promise of glory,

For the privilege of prayer,
For the honor of worship,
For the gift of the covenant,

For all that you’ve given us,
For all that you’ve forgiven us,
For all that you’ve promised us.

To you be the kingdom and the power and the glory
Forever and ever

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