Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review: Bible Study Magazine

Logos Bible Software has introduced a bimonthly publication devoted to Bible study called Bible Study Magazine. I was given a review copy and find myself more than happy to make a review.

This magazine has regular columns on Bible study as a part of life, how to use Bible study tools, doing language studies, study tips, one called “I dare you not to bore me with the Bible,” and more plus feature articles on varying subjects related to Bible study. Each of these were interesting, well-written, and useful.

In this issue, the features covered Josh McDowell on apologetics and Bible study, the “Great Isaiah Scroll” from the Dead Sea scrolls, and choosing a Bible translation (pdf). It also had a neat little piece comparing the canons of various branches of the Christian family:

What's in Your Bible? Find out at

“Wait, you said this was put out by Logos? Does that means it’s –”

– One continuous commercial for their products. Well, in some ways, yes. Most pieces mention Logos products in some form or another, and many pages have a small box with a comment (and url) about something they sell.

But many of those boxes don’t mention Logos products at all (e.g., one mentions, one a blog series by Dan Wallace at, and every article that mentions their products contains information that is clearly useful whether you use their software, someone else’s, or only hard copies.

Though this magazine is certainly imperfect and obviously designed as more than just a magazine, it still looks promising. I think it will be a good tool for laymen looking to go deeper into the scriptures.

My final verdict? I subscribed.

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Nancy said...

“I dare you not to bore me with the Bible,”

I loved this title, even though I'm totally a Bible reading fool and find something new and remarkable each time through...*: )