Monday, February 2, 2009


Forgot one: This month's free audiobook from Christian Audio is Not for Sale.

That's My King
If you haven't encountered this before, it's a snipet of a sermon by SM Lockeridge. This never gets old.

A few words on evangelism by a famous atheist.

15 Pro-Life Truths

An Unlikely Gay-Straight Alliance
worth reading about.

For an unspecified period of time, you can get the Libronix version of the Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer for $62.50 with the coupon code "Schaeffer."

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Anonymous said...

Hi ChrisB,

I just wanted to say that although I may find myself at odds with some of the angles from which you come in your comments on JesusCreed, I am happy that you are there to respectfully represent another view. Good things to you!