Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reflections on Leviticus

This is a series of reflections upon Leviticus. I wouldn’t classify these as exegesis or exposition or even as a homily. They are simply my thoughts and meditations from reading the passages. I’m not going to go through every chapter, much less every verse.

It's hard for you to approach God – Chapter 1: the burnt offering and the holiness of God

Accidentally filthy – Chapter 4: offering for unintentional sins

Doing nothing wrong – Chapter 5: the sin of inaction

More holy – Chapter 10: responding to God's holiness

Redeemed for holiness – Chapter 11: holiness – our part of the bargain

Shadows of the Cross in the Day of Atonement – Chapter 16: the rules for the Day of Atonement point us to the Cross of Christ

Hedges – Chapter 17: the double-edged sword of rules guarding rules

Different in All the Right Ways – Chapter 19: our calling to be a community of the better way

One Among Many – Chapters 18 & 20: discussing homosexuality without pushing people away from the gospel

Priestly Slaves – Chapter 22: the wonderful things we are part of because we are slaves of God

Party With Purpose – Chapter 23: adding days of reflection to our busy calendars

How Valuable is Human Life? – Chapter 24: sometimes human life is more important than the law, sometimes not

Wrath and Repentance – Chapter 26: God punishes for a purpose

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