Sunday, September 16, 2007

7 Things You Ought to Know About the Devil

1. Satan is a real being. (c.f., Luke 10:18, Matt 4:1-4)

The devil is not God’s “opposite.” (Click for detailed discussion.)

The devil doesn’t want people to be “bad.” He wants them to think they don’t need Jesus. (Click for detailed discussion.)

4. Satan won’t torment people in hell. He will be tormented. (
Rev 20:10)

5. The devil can’t possess Christians. (c.f.,
1 Cor 6:19)

6. Satan doesn’t know everything. (c.f.,
1 Peter 1:12)

7. Christ is more powerful than the devil. (
Col 2:13-15, Luke 8:26-31, Rev 19:11-20:10)


Annette said...

personally i like new windows opening. Makes it so much easier than going back and forth.

Good post. :)

ChrisB said...


I set up my links with new windows because I always right-click and open links in new windows, but apparently there are legions who hate new windows. (shrug) Have to be a good host.

Thanks for commenting. Glad you liked the post.

orneryswife said...

One more thing about the devil is that the victory has already been won. We do not need to fear him, merely be aware that he lies to us, as that is his only remaining weapon. Jesus made a triumphal entry demonstrating a complete and utter victory. When Christians blame the devil for something, they are misled, for he has NO POWER.