Sunday, April 29, 2007

About me

My name is Chris Brooks. (Before you blame someone else for what I've written, realize that mine is one of the most common names around. Here's another Chris Brooks' blog.)

I'm a thirty-something white male who was born and raised in a Christian home in small-town Texas, though I’m currently exiled to Houston. I’m married with two beautiful little girls (to date).

I've got a degree in physics, I work in health care, and I study theology and apologetics. I also write incessantly (occasionally I even get published). I have little formal theology education, so please consider me an authority on nothing and judge my writings based on the quality of my arguments. (See "
Be a quitter!" for more details.)

I started this blog because I have to write this stuff down anyway. Blogging will make me do it on a schedule and will hopefully make me learn to express myself more clearly. Plus, maybe, just maybe, someone will find some of this useful.