Sunday, April 29, 2007

About this blog

This blog is about making our way, and hopefully making a difference, as we travel through this world. My primary focus is on things that will strengthen us for the journey (an example, Ephesians 1), knowing and defending what we believe (an example, The Resurrection: A story no one would make up), and thinking about how to apply the Christian Faith to the world around us (an example, Immigration reform and Christianity).

This blog is also designed to be a launchpad for family and friends who are new to the internet and/or blogosphere and will occasionally be used to show off pictures of the kids to those friends and family.

I don't post every day, so a good way to keep up with this blog is through an RSS reader. (If you don't know what that is, here is a
useful explanation of RSS.)

(p.s. To those who get subscribe this blog's feed, let me apologize in advance for the way "old" posts will occasionally pop up. Blogger does not let me create pages, just posts, so I will occasionally add content as back-dated posts.)

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