Sunday, April 29, 2007

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Nancy said... stated the first time I posted to your blog, I picked up the link at Joe Carter's blog...I have enjoyed checking in on your seems to be pretty much "troll free"...what a blessing...*: )

As for your theology... when we welcome the Holy Spirit to direct our lives...He does a pretty thorough job of keeping us on track even while allowing a side trip or two...*: )

ChrisB said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your visits :)

The blessing of being a small blog is the lack of trolls. Even our skeptics here are friendly.

gdpope said...


I just read your review of Mr. McKnight's book, Blue Parakeet. Have you every read his blog? You might be surprised how gracious and biblical this professor is.

Bakersfield cA

ChrisB said...

Gloria, I said in my review (on this site, not Amazon) that I read Jesus Creed pretty much every day. I'm one of the neighborhood conservatives who stirs things up occasionally.

But my problems with Scot's book are not ideological, nor are they based on how gracious he is. The book doesn't do the job -- that's all. It answered the how question; it should have answered the why too, and it didnt'.

Unknown said...

Praise The Lord, chris
u r blog is very beautiful and content is very nice and blessful.