Friday, March 26, 2010


Recently I got something in the mail I'd never seen before.

Last year I donated some money to a local crisis pregnancy center. They sent me a letter saying that last year they saw
170 lives saved
80 souls saved
I call that a good return on my investment.

If there are any crisis pregnancy centers in your area, I hope you'll support them. Not just because we don't want to be people who only say "no" to abortion (though I hope that is always true) but because real lives are affected when we reach out to those in need.

If we can give a cup of cold water, a sonogram, medical care, a few hundred diapers, a few gallons of formula, a baby bed, and some clothes to a frightened young woman, she can know that we care about her and her baby and that someone will be there to hold her hand along the way.

And if you can volunteer, at some point you'll probably get to hold the baby :)


MELackey said...

see, that what it's all about. None of us are rich, but when we are generous, we always seem to have enough.

Now, if we can just convince the libs that we are more capable of helping the truly needy ourselves than the Gov't is, we could make a real difference.

Nancy said...

So, we're talking total deliverance vs simple correction of an offensive state...*: )

Nancy said...

Oops! Posted to the wrong article...