Friday, September 25, 2009

Credo House

An American L'Abri?

The good folks of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, who already edify and educate the church with "The Theology Program" and "Converse with Scholars," have created a place for face-to-face theological training for lay people called Credo House of Theology.
"Think “evangelical theological hub.” Think "seminary for lay people." This is a place to come to find a balanced, Christ-centered theological education and fellowship. It is a place to come to ask the tough questions. You know, the ones "they" say cannot be asked. The Credo House is open to any and all."
Why should lay people want to learn theology? Isn't that for the professionals?

"Theology is more than just an academic discipline reserved only for professional theologians, ... it is a fountain from which all people may daily drink."

And should drink. What we believe affects how we live. And being able to explain what you believe is an important part of evangelizing the lost.

Theology can be over done, but theology done right is a beautiful thing, and this promises to be such a thing.

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