Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bible Study Links

This weekend was nowhere near as productive as I'd hoped. Between an unplanned plumbing project and a couple of unplanned extended family activities, I couldn't do the writing I'd intended. We did have fun, though.

So here are some useful articles to further your Bible study for your reading pleasure.

=How to Use a Study Bible by Al Mohler

=Giving Ourselves Trouble: Taking Bible Study to the Next Level

=Archeology: What it can and can't do for Old Testament studies - Talbot School of Theology

=John 7:37-39 - Was Jesus quoting or paraphrasing? - from Stand to Reason

=World Wide Study Bible - a tool from CCEL

=Tyndale Tech: Computer aids for biblical studies

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Excellent links...I do use Google Desktop and I like it...but would seriously consider exactly what is stored on the computer before employing it. Well actually ...private information is a thing of the past...Soon our minds will be read through our eyes in total with scanners...Hmmm will we have "private" thoughts in heaven?