Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Christians and Healthcare Reform, redux

With all of the emotion that accompanies the health care reform debate, it was only a matter of time until people starting stepping over the line. Still, I’m sad to see statements like, “How can you be a Christian and not support health care reform?”

The truth is that just about everyone thinks things need to change. Not supporting any of the Democratic bills does not constitute thinking that our health care system is fine.

And not supporting a “government option” that appears to be designed to lead to a single-payer system is not un-Christian. People of good will can believe that this will only destroy what is good in our health care system and hurt the very people it is intended to help (along with everyone else).

Besides, the real un-Christian attitude is the one that wants to give all this power to the government, right?


As we’ve discussed before, when the discussion is about how to help people, it is not right to start pointing fingers at our brethren.

The un-Christian attitude, the sinful mindset, is the one that says, “I’ve got my health care; I don’t care about you.”

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Anonymous said...

The "Stimulus" gave seniors a one time bonus of $250. That's approx. $5 a week for a year. Compare that to the $13 a week added to the average paycheck. Now throw in the projected cuts in Medicare for 2010, Guess what? Seniors think they're now considered second class citizens. Gosh! WHERE did they get that idea from? The government. When a social worker tells a 67 year old diabetic that he can't get his SNAP food credit increased ( even though dietic food costs 35% more on average), you know something is terribly wrong:
My niece and her husband just got turned down for a SNAP Food credit increase ( He's diabetic and they both live on SSI). Which would you prefer: An extra $100 for dietic food, or $180,000 a month for Hospital costs if or when John has a Diabetic blackout or slips into a Coma? Taxpayers already pay for his SSI and VA, so its your decision. If Obama wants to prevent complications associated with diabeties, obesity, and other ailments, wouldn't it make sense to issue specified food vouchers/ Dietic foods/Care boxes to VA clinics,Food pantries and other institutions that address the needs of Low income Americans? Why is it that Government Commodities ( often delivered to Non Profit Organizations) are extremely high in Sodium and Carbs?
Worst of all, not ONE version of the Healthcare proposals include incentives to encourage responsible, healthy lifestyles: Therefore, Costs will skyrocket.
Beverly West R.N.