Monday, August 31, 2009

All for Love

We get these breaded fish fillets at Sam’s Club that I just love.

One afternoon I was bit by the munchies and went looking for the chocolate chip cookies my wife and kids had baked the night before. I walked into the kitchen, saw that we had leftover fish, and forgot about the cookies. That’s how much I love this fish.

It strikes me that this may be a good measure of how much you love something or someone – what do you give up for them?

I often give up something I’d like to do and do something I don’t want to do – to be with my wife. I often watch tv shows that make me contemplate suicide – to be with my kids.

For love of my wife I’ve given up other women, independent control of my time and finances, and the freedom to dress myself.

What do I give up for love of God?

What do you give up for love of God?

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Nancy said...

It is funny when we really consider what we "give up" for God. I think it more in line with an exchange... After the exchange takes place...we find we have been blessed rather than that we have made a sacrifice. It's like a metamorphosis and sometimes takes a while. I suppose during the change over we still cling to the...I gave this up....