Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What Happens in Vegas

…does not stay in Vegas. Things done when “no one will know” have a bad habit of carrying serious consequences whether done in Vegas, Cleveland, or Wal-Mart. People are often tempted to do things like cheat on their spouses, watch dirty movies, pad expense reports, or steal when they think no one is watching, but the consequences aren’t dependent on the presence of human eyes.

There are different kinds of repercussions, and any or all may befall the offender.

Temporal Repercussions
Temporal repercussions are easy to identify and easy to predict, but we all too often think they won’t happen to us. Being in Vegas doesn’t protect you from diseases. Pregnancy happens in Vegas too. Can your actions get you in debt…or jail? Just because your spouse or boss doesn’t know doesn’t mean the consequences won’t find you. And then they’ll probably find out too.

Spiritual Repercussions
Part of the insidious nature of sin is that all too often sin begets sin, or, to borrow a phrase, “you can’t eat just one.” Once you break the seal, so to speak, it is very easy to go back down that road.

It can also lead to other sins. Willful sin sears the conscience making other sins easier. Heaven forbid that the sin should provide a thrill of some sort because eventually you will have to look for new ways to get your thrill.

Eternal Repercussions
Finally, there are eternal repercussions to sin – especially willful, intentional sin. The lost and the saved will answer differently for what they did in their lives, but we will all give an account to the Judge.

Not only are there eternal repercussions for you for your actions, but there may be consequences to others as well. If others are involved in your sin they will certainly be held responsible for their part, but your actions can affect those that weren’t involved too. I know people who want nothing to do with Christ because of the actions of some so-called Christians, and you probably do too. There may also be those who are led into sin by your example. They will pay a price for your sin, and you may pay a price for theirs.

Sin that “no one sees” can cause a lot of damage – both to you and to others. The best way to avoid this is to determine now to take whatever measures are necessary to avoid even the temptation. And to remember that eventually someone will know.


preacherman said...

Excellent post.
I love your blog as well.
I added it to my favorites if that is okay with you. I look forward to reading it on a regular basis. I also would welcome you to visit my blog anytime. I really like what you posted on Scot McKnight's post today. I found it very informative. Keep up the great bloggin'
In Him,
Kinney Mabry

ChrisB said...

Thanks, Kinney. Welcome, and I'd love to see you here often.