Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Links: A Bit of Politics

Since the anniversary of Roe v Wade is upon us, some appropriate links:

= Christianity Today's "Choosing Life at the Movies" discusses the recent surge in pro-life films out of Hollywood and asks,
Does this all add up to a Hollywood "trend"? Have Tinseltown's filmmakers, oft regarded as liberals and frequently blasted as purveyors of immorality, gone pro-life?
I'm not ready to call this a trend. Hollywood is generally happy to do anything that goes against the grain just for the shock value. In our culture, that's the pro-life choice. But there is certainly grounds to hope that this is more than just a stunt – that it might be a real change in the way they think about the issue.

The article also describes many of these recent movies. You might find a couple that will interest you.

= According to the Feminst Women's Health Center,
In small and large towns throughout the United States (and all over the Internet), anti-abortion groups have set up "crisis pregnancy centers"...deliberately designed to misinform and mislead young women... these groups want to be the first contact a woman makes when she thinks she might be pregnant, so they can talk her out of considering abortion. (emphasis in original)
That sounds like as good a reason as any to find your nearest Crisis Pregnancy Center (or similar organization) and ask them how you can help. Besides needing volunteer councilors, they can generally use money, clothes, food, and general baby items (e.g, diapers, formula, cribs) which will go toward helping women (and men) who choose life to take care of their children.

= This image gives a powerful visual representation of the number of children aborted just in the US. (HT: Justin Taylor)

= A friend sent me a link to the Candidate Calculator – a tool to help you determine which candidate best agrees with you (or vice versa) on abortion and many other issues.

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Anonymous said...

Good post, I've been seeing this talked about a lot. I don't know if we will see the trend continue this year or not?