Sunday, November 18, 2007

Steroids and Other Christian Scandals

I saw this headline on Yahoo: “Florida Gators QB now in football record books.”

The first thought that formed, unbidden, in my mind: What do you think he’s on?*

Recent revelations of drug use by many professional athletes is beginning to affect all athletes. It’s an unfortunate aspect of human nature.

Given some recent revelations regarding high profile Christian pastors, it may soon get to the point where any pastor (maybe even Christian) will be greeted with an automatic “who do you think he’s sleeping with?”

We have to remember that if people know, or even suspect, we’re a Christian our behavior does not just reflect on us. It can affect how people see all Christians and even Christ. We are a lamp shining in the darkness. Everyone can see our light. If that light is darkness, how great is that darkness.

We all need the occasional reminder that people are watching us. Our “testimony” truly is more than just the words we say about Jesus. Everything we do and say has the potential to pull people toward or push them away from Christ.

No pressure.

* I am in no way implying that this young man has been using any kind of performance enhancing drugs. That, in fact, is the point.

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Anonymous said...

You know ... that's a great point. There are so many groups about which I'm cynical -- politicians, athletes, etc.. I've heard remarks about Catholic priests, and I'm sure that there are people who think so about all Christians.