Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Links: Giving, Selling, Laughing

Please consider being part of the Light of the World campaign to send the weatherproof Outdoor Bible to troops overseas.

I recommend reading Selling Books in the Church by a deacon who runs the "bookstall" at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. I've had my qualms about church bookstores, but he makes some great points. However, my qualms are only calmed to the extent what he says it true for a given bookstore, for example:

"Having books on hand allows a pastor to exercise discernment for the benefit of the congregation." I've been to church bookstores where the stuff on the shelf seems to have been chosen by someone who watches either too much TBN or too much CNN.

"We sell at cost." Marvelous! How many church bookstores do this though?

(HT: Challies)

Just for laughs: Dilbert vs Dogbert on evolution.

(HT: Evangelical Outpost)

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