Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Staying Ready to Defend the Faith

One day I was eating lunch and had a puzzling thought:

I collect knives. I have big knives and small knives. I have pretty knives and scary knives. I have knives with lights in them, knives with tools in them, and knives with knives in them.

So why am I cutting my chicken with a spoon?

Having all the knives in the world does me no good if I don't have one with me when I need it.

Christendom has all the tools it needs to defend the faith. They will do you no good if you don't appropriate them. And even if you go out and buy some good books, having all the books in the world will do you no good if you don't remember what is in them.

I've read quite a few theology and apologetics books. I've also read blogs and magazine articles. I've watched tv shows and listened to podcasts.

And a couple of years later I couldn't recall half of what I had once learned.

So I decided I should create some "crib sheets" I could review from time to time to jog my memory — or that I could flat out pull out in a pinch. (People choke under pressure. Don't be ashamed. Be prepared.)

I encourage you to do something like this on your own, but in the meantime, these notes are something you can refer to if you need them. You can even copy them into a memo on your phone or bookmark them in your browser if you want. Use them however you need if you find them helpful.

Apologetics crib sheets:

Why do I believe in God?

Why do I believe the Bible?

Why do I believe in the resurrection of Christ?

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