Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Subliminal Messages

Well, it's game time. The debating and demagoguery culminates in decision day. I hope everyone will make sure to vote. (I hope the conservatives will vote and the liberals will wash their cars.)

Tomorrow we will know the results of the game. (Tomorrow we'll know who's suing whom.) And no matter who wins, the next day the sun will rise. (Unless the Lord punishes us for inventing turducken by having the sun eat us.)

Whoever wins will only have four years of influence (Have you heard of the Supreme Court?) and then we'll be able to undo anything we don't like. (Have you heard of Daylight Saving Time?)

The most important thing to remember is that no matter what happens, Joe Biden won't be the president. (Pray for Obama's health!)

And God is still on His throne.

Play ball!


Should Fish More said...

Came across your blog through what I call "retired wandering", or too much time on my hands.

We are a nation divided. A 'landslide' is one candidate getting 53% of the popular vote. This leaves 47% who disagree. There is no agreement on many issues, nor is there a willingness to listen, or try to understand those who disagree. We just keep repeating our personal mantra and wish the other half would go away.

I think if one wonders why the US is so divided, why our government cannot function with compromise, one need only to read this blog. Obviously it gives only one side, and just wishes the other would go away. The 'liberal' group, of which I am one, wishes the same.

The result? We remain the same. Single-issue politics only serves to ensure we will make no progress as a nation. It ignores the reality of life.

ChrisB said...

I don't wish the other side would just go away. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to convince them of our side. But you're right that neither side listens much.

I don't know that the problem is the single-issue as much as the won't listen. We don't have conversations anymore, just screaming matches.