Monday, October 22, 2012

Christian and Conservative?

During the last presidential election , I wrote a series addressing the question of whether you can be a Christian and a conservative. (I say yes.)

I have revised and updated that material and turned it into a pdf that can be downloaded for free here. It's a little over 50 pages long.

I encourage you to pass it along to anyone you like. It's really not intended for liberals as much as those middle of the road folks who might be cowed into supporting liberals out of a misplaced sense of guilt. But liberals might get something out of it too.

Now that I'm finished with that, hopefully I can spend more time writing original material for the blog.


Anonymous said...

You can also be a Christian an progressive. In my opinion, to many Christians are burying their head in the sand during this presidential election. There trying to make it a religious issue on who to vote for. Here's my take.

Both President Obama, and Mitt Romney are “good men” with “good family values,” but the spiritual facts are;

Mitt Romney says he's a Mormon who, based on the Bible-God’s Word, worships a false God, and follows a false gospel. These then are abominations to the true God of the Bible.

President Obama says he's a Christian who, ignoring the Bible-God’s Word, supports same-sex marriage. This then is also an abomination to the true God of the Bible.

As for abortion, neither one is 100% pro-life. So neither one can claim to be the “sanctity-of-life” candidate.

So the point is; If you’re going to vote, don't base it on the candidate that you think is more “religious” than the other, as both are not. Base your vote on your own political ideologies, be they: Republican, Democrat or Independent. In truth, a Christian ought to consider sitting this presidential election out, if they were to have a religious test on who to vote for.

ChrisB said...

Neither one is the perfect candidate, though I don't have a problem voting for a non-Christian (Romney) for president.

But that whole thing was written in response to people who try to club Christians over the head and say they have to vote liberal or they're not being true to Christ. That is a load of horse hockey, which is what I wanted to show in that ebook.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, appreciate your viewpoint. As a Independent-Conservative-Progressive-Christian I will be voting for Pres. Obama. Not based on any religious test, but on my own political ideology. Being an Independent I can also see Conservative Christians who try to club liberal/progressive Christians over the head and say they have to vote Conservative or they're not being true to Christ. That also is a load of horse hockey.