Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bible Links

420 Tips on How to Use Bible Commentaries

"It seems odd, that certain men who talk so much of what the Holy Spirit reveals to themselves, should think so little of what he has revealed to others. ... A respectable acquaintance with the opinions of the giants of the past, might have saved many an erratic thinker from wild interpretations and outrageous inferences" (CH Spurgeon).

4The Sweep of the Bible in Two Weeks

"If a freshman in college or stay-at-home mom or aspiring deacon or friend from work or anyone else asked me how they might get a rough grasp of the macro-storyline of the Bible in a few weeks, I'd send them not to any secondary resource but to the Bible itself for a reading plan that might look something like this."

4Seven Common Fallacies of Biblical Interpretation

Seven ways we all too easily go astray.


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