Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Teachable Moment

Driving home from work after a storm, I saw a beautiful, crisp double rainbow (not the one pictured). I was wishing my kids were with me because rainbows provide a great moment to teach or reinforce some biblical truth:

"What does the rainbow remind us?"

"That God won't flood the world again."

True, and I expect my older child to know that, but if it stops there, I'll be missing out on an opportunity to teach them about the gospel:

"God said he wouldn't destroy the world with water, but he is going to destroy it with fire. Do you know why?"

I don't expect a yes here.

"It's because of our sin. People insist on living by their own rules, on trying to be God instead of obeying him. So he says one day he will destroy the world — saving the people who belong to him and punishing those who won't."

And hopefully this will lead to questions like "who belongs to him" and "when?"

At least that's how I hope it goes.

(photo of rainbow by miri695 via Flickr)

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Nancy said...

Unfortunately, imagined conversations usually eclipse real ones and then we're left with after shock when we realize we even flubbed our lines...*: )