Sunday, November 29, 2009

7 Things You Ought to Know About Angels

1. Not all angels are good; an angel might be the devil in disguise.

2. Good angels are at war with the evil ones.

3. Angels were created by Jesus and are inferior to Him.

4. Angels have tremendous power, but Jesus is more powerful.

5. Angels have limited knowledge.

6. Angels are not to be worshipped.

7. Angels will one day be judged by believers.

7 Things You Ought to Know About the Devil


Nancy said...

On #1 and #2, I had an interesting experience when we lived in South Dakota...

One afternoon we were driving by a predominately Native American community and I had a vision. There were two angels engaged in battle in the air over this subdivision. The interesting fact that was impressed on my mind was that by all appearances the angels "looked" identical. However, I somehow knew that one was "good" and one was "evil"...not simply because they were engaged in battle...

ChrisB said...

I'm looking for the right word. Cool, spooky, weird -- none quite fit.

Thanks for sharing the interesting story, though.

Nancy said...

Kinda all the above...*: ) Actually when I thought of it later, the strangest quality of the experience was the matter-of-fact way I accepted the vision...just ok....sort of like reading an interesting billboard beside the road...*: )

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always