Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lewis on Temptation

I'm working my way through CS Lewis' space trilogy, and currently I'm reading the second book, Perelandra.

Early in the book, one of the characters has to face an invisible onslaught of demonic opposition -- enemies who do not want him to complete his journey to assist the main character in the war against the forces of evil. The barrage comes in the form of doubts, fears, and temptations that are whispered into his "ear."

The main character, Ransom, tells him, "Oh, they'll put all sorts of things into your head if you let them.... The best plan is to take no notice and keep straight on. Don't try to answer them. They like drawing you into interminable argument."

That seems like good advice when facing any temptation. Trying to argue with a sinful desire only lets it burrow deeper into your mind. It seems to get less odious simply because it's been hanging around so long. The best approach, as Ransom says, is to tell it, "No!" and go on.

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