Monday, April 20, 2009

America’s Schizophrenic Stance on Abortion

It’s a tragic story. A woman kills one of her children, tries to kill the other, and then performs a do-it-yourself abortion. “Authorities were awaiting the results of an autopsy before deciding whether she would be charged with a second count of murder in the death of her unborn baby.”

Apparently, if the fetus was pre-viable, she won’t be charged with murder; if it wasn’t, she will be. And yet it if this women had given Murder Inc. $350 for an abortion, she would have been exercising her legal right, and anyone who interfered would be a criminal.

We can’t seem to decide if the human fetus is a valuable life or a lump of tissue. Even the old “rule” that if a woman wanted the fetus it was valuable and if she didn’t it was tissue doesn’t seem to hold.

In the outrage over this incident, can we hope that some people will realize either every fetus is a valuable life or none are? Is it crazy to hope that America will realize its schizophrenia* and as a result come to its senses? Let’s pray that is the case. And while we’re at it, let’s pray for this family.

* Here “schizophrenia” is used in the popular, rather than the technical, sense.

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Spherical said...

Wow! But that just mirrors our political schizophrenia. Always wanting a change to improve our lives, never letting one party long enough to really know if that change will happen.

I am glad that Jesus is a rock to cling to, and not a hot air balloon that will float me here or there.