Wednesday, October 22, 2008

7 Things You Should Know About Obama

I’m a little hesitant to post something so blatantly political here, but I really am convinced that abortion is one of the greatest evils imaginable, and since one presidential candidate has promised to undo every pro-life victory since Roe, I’m going to hold my nose and post this.

As we head into the last days of the election, you probably know a few people who are still trying to decide or have decided on Sen. Obama but can’t explain why. Here are a few nuggets to share with people, something for them to chew on, to help them see the real Obama.

1. The US has the most liberal abortion laws in the West; Sen. Obama wants to make them looser. He has promised to sign a bill that would undo the partial birth ban, parental notification laws, and conscience exemptions for doctors. Then he wants you to pay for abortions.

He has promised to sign the “Freedom of Choice Act.” Read the text of FOCA here. It’s pretty straightforward.

2. Sen. Obama wants to repeal DOMA so judges in Massachusetts can create same-sex marriage in Texas.

The Defense of Marriage Act doesn’t outlaw same-sex marriage; it simply says that the “full faith and credit” clause can’t be used to force a state to recognize SSMs from another state. Remove DOMA, and all states will be forced to treat SSM the same way they treat any other out-of-state marriage.

3. Sen. Obama wants to give a tax cut to people who don’t actually pay taxes.

Income taxes, that is, but it doesn’t really flow with that word in it. He’s promised income tax cuts to people to who don’t pay income taxes, so on April 15th, when some people are hoping to get their money back from the IRS, some people will get money they never paid in. This is part of his “sharing the wealth.”

4. Sen. Obama wants to tax the rich, so when you ask your boss for a raise, he’ll tell you Obama took it.

Do you work for a poor guy? Me neither. When taxes on “the rich” go up, the rich will have less money lying around. Think that’ll affect the company budget? Yeah, me too.

5. Sen. Obama’s economic policies look a lot like Herbert Hoover’s. Hoover started the Depression.

Sluggish economy + raising taxes on producers and employers + protectionist trade policies = crash

6. Sen. Obama likes the price of gas high. He thinks it should be higher.

Seriously, he said it on tv. He claims to be sympathetic to people struggling to make ends meet, but the environment is more important to him than your budget. It’s no accident that he resisted the call for increased domestic drilling for so long.

7. Sen. Obama wants to use judges to bypass democracy.

Well, this is pretty standard Democrat, really, but whatever they can’t get passed through state or national legislatures they “pass” by judges – for example, same-sex marriage. He has openly stated his preference for the judges who legislate from the bench.

Obviously these all of these can be fleshed out. Actually, I’m hoping people will ask you to explain them, but a good “soundbite” can stick with people.

For more, check out the Comprehensive Case Against Obama.


Nancy said...

Sorry Chris...I couldn't pass this one up...Let's just say..."Obama made me do it!"


1.Obama is a real being.

2.Obama is not God’s “opposite.”

3.Obama doesn’t want people to be “poor.” He wants them to think the government will support them.

4.Obama won’t control the government. He will be controlled. (We still have a congress and a Sovereign God.)

5.Obama can’t really fool all the people all the time.

6.Obama doesn’t know everything.

7.God IS Sovereign, knows everything and is everywhere, making Him more powerful than the Obama.

ChrisB said...

Nancy, I'm not sure what some of these are saying.

"Obama is a real being" -- as opposed to the devil some cons or the messiah some dems make him out to be?

"Obama doesn’t want people to be “poor.” He wants them to think the government will support them."

Is that good or bad?

"Obama won’t control the government. He will be controlled."

True enough -- Pelosi and Reid will probably push him places he wouldn't go on his own. As for God, He has a tendency to let us screw things up if we really want to.

"Obama doesn’t know everything."

Please let him know that.

"God IS Sovereign." Amen.

Anonymous said...

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