Thursday, September 11, 2008


=According to Brian McLaren, "The world 'is on a precipice' as it struggles to deal with the three 'tremendously frightening crises' of climate change, poverty and war."

But we have hope! "The hope that we are looking for in the world involves ... the have-nots not giving up and ... the haves learning to care."

Oh, did you think he was going to talk about Jesus? Silly rabbit.

=Resources to Help Church Leaders Equip Their Members to Defend the Unborn from STR

=STR also recently linked to a page I'd "lost" -- a dated but still striking comparison of the fruit of adult vs embryonic stem cell research.

=Check out Michael Hyatt's "Four Guidelines for Modesty" including
If people look at any part of your body before looking at your face, it is probably not modest.
=This week's Christian Carnival


Nancy said...

Link One gets my daily giggle award...*: )

Vinny said...

I am a little baffled here. Is concern with war, poverty, and global warming something to be snickered at?

ChrisB said...

Vinny, I suspect she's giggling at the notion that an emergent would say that our hope is in Jesus. Or possibly at the rabbit.

Anonymous said...

I second that giggle. :-)