Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ephesians 1: We get to know how it ends!

Why did people go see the movie Titanic? Because they wanted to know how it ended? The same can be said for many movies including The Passion of the Christ and 300. Why go see a movie when you know how it's going to end? Because you want to see how they get there.

In this passage, Paul tells us that we already know how the story's going to turn out.

Eph 1:9-10 – The paragraph ends with this, that just because He felt like it, God let us in on His plan which had been the big secret for eons – namely that all things would be brought under the rule of Christ. Once again we see that the Fall and the cross were not surprises but God's plan. And we have emphasized here the glorious truth that, because He endured the cross, Christ will be given authority over all things. Because of this, we do not have to worry about how things will work out. Things may not always go our way, and they may not even seem to be going His way, but in the end, Christ will be seen to be ruler over everything.

The simple truth of history is that we already know how things are going to work out – we're just waiting to see the details of how it comes to pass.

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Danny Wright said...

And for this I am so thankful.

Susan said...

I saw your comment of 6/23 on Danny's blog and just wanted to come over and pay a visit. I respect your views and thank you for respecting mine. I am so glad that God has placed us in His Body as He sees fit. That He did not, and does not, use a Cookie Cutter to make us all alike. What an awesome wonderful God we serve and my constant prayer is that we truly function in the role which He has called and set us.