Monday, May 14, 2007

Civil unions aren't good enough

In the news today: Gay couples ask Conn. court for marriage.

Connecticut has civil unions, but for some that is not enough. When all of this first came to a head, I supported creating some kind of legal package to allow domestic partners (of whatever stripe) to more easily set up things like power of attorney and survivorship rights that are generally granted married couples automatically.

However, when we started calling it "civil unions," it was clear that we were creating an almost-marriage arrangement, and it didn't take much prognostic ability to guess that such an arrangement wouldn't keep some people happy for long. Now some couples are suing for full marriage rights. I predict that the courts in Connecticut will find for these couples. I also predict that our society will soon have to really deal with this issue and stop trying to patch on half-measures.

Finally, as we argue, discuss, and debate, let's everyone try to remember this: On both sides of the debate are decent people, made in the image of God, trying to do what they honestly think is best. Some of these people will have a strong emotional stake in this issue. Let's show each other the respect, compassion, and Christ-like love we would like to be shown. Remember, "speak the truth in love."

For those who are interested, Stand to Reason has a number of informative articles on this issue on their website.

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Danny Wright said...

I think the biggest mistake we'll ever make is thinking people that are want this will be happy when they get it. It is my thinking that they'll never be happy. I agree with your court prognosis, but I've been surprised before. I think personally that this will be the law of the land within the next decade; and it will be interesting to see their next dissatisfaction when it is. I would venture to say that the school house will be the next stop on the road to the real jewel which is the Church. I hope I'm wrong.