Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Outnumbered and Overwhelmed?

Ever feel like you’re outnumbered and losing the fight?

I do. Frequently these days.

The Christian struggles against the world, the flesh, and the devil. We are surrounded by, wedded to, and outmatched by our enemies. They’re everywhere we go, no matter what we’re doing, however much we might wish it to be different.

They’re like an unholy trinity, foiling our better intentions, dragging us under, preventing us from being what we want to be.

But we’re not alone. We’re not even outnumbered.

The unholy trinity stands opposed by the holy Trinity.

We are trapped within our flesh, but the Spirit is within us. We are surrounded by the world, but it is surrounded by the one who made it. We may do battle with the devil, but we know Christ has already won the war.

We may be wedded to our flesh, but we are also wedded to the Son. We are part of the Bride and also of the Body – who also is on our side.

We are supported in our fight by the ones who have come before: those through whom the Spirit has spoken, the prophets and the apostles, and our fathers in the faith who also were given wisdom by that Spirit.

And we are supported by those who surround us – the church of today encouraging us, lifting us up, and binding our wounds.

We do not fight alone. We are part of a family. And we are part of an army. And we outnumber the enemy two to one.

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Nancy said...

Great words of encouragement...
We all need to rehearse the FACTS from time to time...Just so we remember who/whose we are!