Thursday, September 10, 2009

Athanasius on Sin

"To avoid carelessness, we should consider Paul's words, 'I die daily.' If we also live as though dying daily, we won't sin.

This means that, as we rise day by day, we should think that we won't live through the evening. Also, when we are about to lie down to sleep, we should think that we won't wake up. For our life is naturally uncertain, and Providence gives it to us daily. 

By living our daily lives this way, we won't fall into sin, lust after anything, cherish wrath against anyone, or heap up earthly treasure. But daily expecting death, we will abandon wealth, forgive everyone for everything, and won't harbor lust for women or any other foul pleasure. But we will turn from it as past and gone, always working and looking forward to the Day of Judgment. " --Athanasius, Life of Antony


Nancy said...

Hmmm...that just might be possible two minutes before sleep and for about two minutes after waking from sleep...Outside those limits...I think the degree of godliness seems to fade rather quickly...quite possibly in proportion to the number of other entities in the household...

ChrisB said...

He sets the bar high,that's for sure. But, as they say, if you aim for the stars, you might at least land on the moon.