Monday, May 28, 2012

Tightening the Bible Belt

A new guy just started at work, and we were chatting while I showed him some things. Conversation flowed well until he got to something he didn't want to say and stopped. Being me, I dragged his deep, dark secret out of him: He's a Christian.

Folks at the last place he lived and worked were free with snide remarks and funny looks at any hint of a religious life, so he learned to keep all of that to himself. Where did he come from? Georgia.

I know I'm deeply blessed to live in the Bible belt. As I told him, in Texas even people who don't go to church assume you do.

But I would have thought the same about Georgia. I'm sure it used to be the case, but things change. Alas.

This weekend we're remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom. We must not forget that this protection is not just past tense. It has been necessary, and it will be again. The world keeps changing, and freedoms can quickly go from safe and secure to endangered.

So today give thanks to God for the freedom we have and those who defended them. And commit yourself now to that defense whenever it may be necessary.


Singing Pilgrim said...

Did he live in an urban area? I'm in SC, just one state over and I've found the attitude is immensely different in the urban areas v the suburban or rural.

ChrisB said...

Urban. Hopefully the rural areas are better.